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Trading Program
“Swing Trading A-Z”
The only trading program you gonna need!
For the last 4 years, I get a ton of feedback from my clients about how BAD and HORRIBLE their experience was, because of WHERE and HOW they learned Crypto trading.
Here`s why this program exists!
Hey, my name is Yuriy Bishko and I have a question for you…
Would you like to study Crypto trading using the right organized content, understandable explanation, and 100% practical knowledge AT THE LOWEST PRICE ON THE MARKET YOU CAN FIND ONLINE?
The market is overloaded with a ton of sh*tty educational programs full of confusing non-understandable information, empty promises, and ZERO PRACTICAL VALUE.
Some of them are not learnable if you don't have a math degree…
Some of them are not structured properly so you jump back and forth across the content…
Some of them are the "quick-immediate-result" BS with many ads…
Recently I took trading training from other guys there is only water
Thankfully to this program, I finally started to make profits.
This is the worst-case scenario…
People learn over the sh*tty content
Start trading without the proper knowledge and master strategy
100% of them destroy their accounts within weeks OR DAYS
This is the KEY SITUATION that makes crypto trading confusing and complicated
…and i found a solution!
What is this program about
The outline
…you can be a trader!
And i am proud of it!
This program is focused on two tested strategies, a proven right risk management system, and trade-analysis techniques that everyone can use while bull & bear markets…it’s 100% tactical!
The “swing trading. A-z” aimed to boost your knowledge within months instead of years without confusion and stress…even if you never traded before.
Making profit will stop to be an untouchable dream that is
impossible to achieve forever!
Video Lessons
Online Support
Graphs & Charts
Homework for self-analysis
Access to all new content for free
It is not a dry information! There is more!
My program is landed on an interactive educational platform
That tracks your progress, full of 100% practical video lessons, summary presentations, exclusive additional resources & applicable tools…
You will get professional feedback on every lesson from my team expert online.
…and the homework section
Move over a presentation while watching a lesson
Do homework and get feedback
from an expert
The swing trading. A-Z workspace looks like that
Learn the lesson
Choose a lesson on the menu
Who am i! Yuriy Bishko
I am a worldwide trader with 13 years of background in micro & macroeconomic sciences.

4 years ago, I co-founded Bikotrading Academy where I teach people how to trade crypto on bear & bull markets.
TOP-10 crypto traders by tradingview.com
to improve their trading approach, eliminate volatility in profit, and form the most realistic expectations on every market situation, so now they can better sleep at night.
My team and I helped countless traders
My monthly profit looks like this
I trade Crypto spots & futures for 8 years and make 5-figure a month.
Trust me…
…It's been difficult to learn Crypto trading years back, and It`s EXTREMELY difficult to learn it now in 2022. It`s just too many inappropriate resources.
...then this is the program you are looking for!
your hands are shaking when putting an order
you are constantly losing money
your trading plan is “what ELON MUSK says”
you are GUESSING the market momentum instead of ANALYZING
your strategy is random clicking
you want to have feedback from an expert and grow
How much would you pay for your success?
My online mentoring program costs +3000$. The “Swing Trading. A-Z” consists of all content and it`s MUCH CHEAPER!
You will get
40 Homeworks Online support while learning
Members-only discussion group
Access to all new content
Invest in yourself today
40 PDFs Presentations for every lesson
40 lessons Video materials
«Find Out If “Swing Trading course” Suits You Book a Free Q&A Session with Expert»
Make sure you put the correct number. Otherwise, a manager won’t be able to call you.
«Find Out If “Swing Trading course” Suits You Book a Free Q&A Session with Expert»
1-month access to the Advanced Bikotrading Club (then 39$ a month)
Expert trading plans on the most popular coins with video/pic review
Sharing the only news you can trust
Access to chat with PRO-traders for communication and feedback
Online updates on crypto trades I am currently working on (NOT SIGNALS)
Learn about two different Trading Strategies.
Apply different valuation methods under different strategies.
Quickly fulfill the lack of knowledge and start trading with 100% confidence.
Discover a secret risk management system that reduce risks to the possible minimum level
Understand the philosophy behind the price movement.
Formulate your own Trading Plan to help you trade with confidence.
What`s inside the Advanced Bikotrading club
This means I stand by my program 100%, no matter what, no questions asked,, no if, no and, no but. If you have a problem, I will solve it. Whatever it takes, just reach out to my team, they are there for you. Happiness. Guarantee
My #1 priority is your happiness
Here's the deal
I believe that the “SWING TRADING. A-Z” is so amazing, so powerful, and so life-changing…That's why there's a 7-day money-back guarantee.
In this program
you will find my best hands-on experience in how I teach clients to trade crypto.
"Swing Trading. A-Z " is the only video program that teaches trading you need.
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