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Learn "5 key steps to successful active trading" with PDF and get extra explanation in the workshop recording with Yuriy Bishko.
Trading approach used by banks and investment funds to help you enter the top 10% of traders.
Our personal trading system with a clear explanation of how we open trades, under what conditions and how you can repeat it.
Finally understand how to avoid the mistakes that 90% of traders make.
Step-by-step instructions on how to set up software to look at the market through the prism of hedge funds.
Useful and profitable bonuses available only to workshop participants.
Get a detailed explanation of the strategy with real trades and results. Study illustrative examples of using the instruments with our best trader
Learn from Yuriy Bishko (Bikotrading Academy)

Yuriy Bishko, full time trader - In this unique trading workshop, you'll cover what tools and strategies major banks, financial institutions and professional traders use to consistently get profitable trades.

With our step-by-step strategies, your trading will become much more efficient and productive. Want to know how?

Use the same tools and strategies that are already working for the most profitable people in the world and join the ranks of the high-earning traders.

Use the tools that have already proven to be efficient and consistent.

I have been in the market for 8 years, trading full time and analyzing all the intricacies of price movement, and in this seminar I will teach you the step-by-step strategies that bring me money every day!

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